A Clean Site

The empty siteFor the first time in about 100 years, there are no buildings at 614 E. Second St. We have an appreciation for old buildings, having remodeled a historic building into our Near West Side store in 2007, but such reuse was not an option for our current project.

If you were a shopper of the old K&S, as many of us were, you might remember that it was not in the best condition. Most people remember how the floor was crooked, but there were other, less visible problems as well. Multiple buildings existed on the site and had been connected together in a rather haphazard way and eventually exposure to the elements made the building unusable.

We recycled all the metal we could remove from the building and spent several days removing the structure from the site. We look forward to creating a new space that allows us to operate a modern and efficient grocery while fitting in with the style of the neighborhood.

2 comments on “A Clean Site

  1. James Robinson on said:

    Are there any pictures of the proposed design available for posting? I thought there was an event at the site a month or so ago that featured drawings or something. It would be cool to get a chance to take a look!

    • Hi James
      I will be able to post this as soon as we finalize all the details and have design approval from the State and Local authorities – something I hope to have wrapped up towards the beginning of February.

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